Project Overview

Trojan Plywood is South India’s leading Plywood brand. However, it does not have the deep pockets like its competitors who are established national players. Also, the industry is largely unorganized; hence it is full of myths, lies & miscommunication.


Brand Communication


Break the myths & lies associated with Plywood


Trojan Plywood

Our Approach

Be the Flag-Bearer of Truth related to manufacturing & usage of Plywood. Since it is largely a low-involvement product category, educate the Influencer community. This community is made of Architects, Dealers & Carpenters. We created a Brand Mascot, Mr. Trojan and made him a spokesperson of the category enlighten & educate the Target Audience about the Reality & Usage of Plywood.

The Result

3.5Mn+ Impressions
1Mn+ Engagement

The whole Influencer community was shaken by the sharp, straight, candid & to the point communication. They never thought that a knows brand like Trojan would take this drastic step of putting out Truth & Facts about Plywood.