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eCommerce SEO Services

eCommerce SEO services work as super effective ways of growing traffic and revenue for online e-commerce stores. The optimization of the e-commerce SEO services helps you appear in the top searches. The strategy even works to get in touch with millions of users globally.

The eCommerce companies need to utilize the importance of SEO for e-commerce and target as many keywords as possible. This strategy works out to get more and more clicks targeted globally or locally to your online product store.

With this you website attracts higher clicks and impressions, leading to higher CTR and in turn increased conversions. Once we optimize conversion rates, the product sales also goes up. All of this can be achieved by optimizing the product pages. You can avail the services of eCommerce SEO companies to achieve this as it required professional and expert help.

During initiating the process of online selling using web marketing, it is mandatory to redirect the right customer towards the right product.

One of the steps is to optimize the contents with needful keyword research. Better keyword reach turns to generate much better business leads. As per a published report, about 61% of companies prefer to have better SEO to achieve the sales target.

Keyword research for eCommerce SEO.

Identifying the right keyword for your products is very important. Our eCommerce seo services India starts from identifying the high converting keywords. High converting keywords have high buyer intent.

For example, If the user wants to buy a women’s running shoe, let’s take a keyword “nike shoes” which is very generic. This keyword is very broad and might not convert, that is clicks into online sales.

Consider the keyword “Buy Nike women’s running shoe online India”. This keyword is high in intent and could lead to more sales than the other keyword.

The keyword that we are using in the second case has more search intent and is more converting. It is also a long tail keyword and long tail keywords attract more combined traffic than a short tail keyword. We at Digipuush, check each keyword of your website to identify the long tail converting keywords and optimize the same.

The India eCommerce market grew to USD 38.5 billion in 2018, it is expected to grow to US$ 200 billion by 2026. India is poised to surpass US in eCommerce business by 2034. After the adaptation of cash on delivery (COD) by the online shopping companies, the eCommerce landscape has changed drastically. The basic ingredient for an eCommerce company is a website, but with just a website can you grow your sales? The answer is “NO” until unless you have optimized the site for keywords that rank for.

Sales oriented e-commerce SEO services in India

Technical SEO Services for e-commerce company

Technical e-commerce SEO services are effective in resolving the technical issues of e-commerce sites. It includes designing a responsive site to search engine marketing of the products. Stronger the technical SEO better will be customer retention.  

The objective of technical SEO for an e-commerce website is to optimize the website’s infrastructure for crawling and indexing purposes. The basic technical SEO processes include the following:

  • Optimizing the structure of the URL.
  • Robots.txt optimization.
  • Navigating and resolving breadcrumb issues.
  • Canonical URL exploring and structured data markup issues.
  • Troubleshooting 404 issues.
  • SSL, HTTPS, Mobile responsiveness issues.
  • Webmaster tools indexing and several others. 

Conducting SEO Audits for an e-commerce SEO company

The e-commerce SEO experts focus to achieve the following objectives in terms of the SEO Audit. Technical SEO aspects are given the top priority while going through the same. 

  • Implementing the technical audits focusing on the vendor systems.
  • Targeting on the responsiveness, capabilities, and compliance.
  • 301 redirect issues, css, canonical checkouts, site platform upgrade, etc.
  • Webmaster tools submission issues.
  • Meta description analysis and search console investigation. 
  • Back links, referring URLs, and anchor text analysis. 
  • Mobile responsiveness and website loading speed checks.

Link Building Services for e COMMERCE websites

You can help your website gain quality links and improve your reputation. The search engine prefers the rating of pages based on the link quality. It analyzes the keywords and put forward the site in top lists. 

  • Data enrichment for elevating the content reach.
  • Raising the outreach of the content to as many customers.
  • Overtaking the competitors with high-quality back links.
  • Ensuring paid guest posts in high authority websites.
  • Ensuring the push button back link building.
  • Blog commenting, directory submission and Web 2.0 sites.
  • Premium blogger outreach services. 

On-Page SEO Implementation Services for ecommerce websites

E-Commerce SEO services under this category include various factors. The categories include meta-tag analysis, header tags, search engine friendly URL, and several others.  

  • Utilization of techniques to make the page visible in search engines.
  • Optimizing descriptions, metadata, and headlines to achieve top search priority.
  • Optimizing internal link structure and site navigation structure. 
  • Building up the best internal links to let the visitors spend more time on the site.
  • Collecting the keywords with high global search volume and preparing the content.