Facebook Ads Advertising Promotion Cost India

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Facebook Ads Cost (Approximate at the time of publishing this blog)

The cost varies based on the campaign setup, ad formats, creative type, industry, objective, demographic targeting options, location targeting, audience narrowing, bidding type, website, landing page, user interactions, time of advertising, duration, products for conversions and many more.

Campaign TypeFacebook Ads Cost
Facebook CPM (cost per 1000 impressions)Rs. 8 to Rs. 12
Facebook CPC (cost per link click)Rs. 0.48 to Rs. 2.8
Facebook CPL (cost per lead)Rs. 4 to Rs. 1500
Facebook CPA (cost per acquision)Rs. 45 to Rs. 2000
Facebook CPV (cost per view)Rs. 0.3 to Rs. 2
Facebook cost per event responseRs. 70 to Rs.300
Facebook CPI (cost per install)Rs. 30 to Rs. 100

Introduction to Facebook Advertising

Hey! Are you looking ahead to advertise your business on Facebook? Are you willing to expand your customer reach, and enjoy the best Click-Through Rates (CTR)? Do you want to focus on the finest customer targeting with improved brand awareness? The solution to all such business issues is Facebook Advertising. In case you run a business and looking forward to advertising here, your first desire must be about the Facebook ads cost. The article will let you understand the complete advertising cost along with the best-associated factors.

How much does the Facebook Ads Cost?

Facebook advertising is a premium business promotion strategy that we offer under social media marketing. The entrepreneurs all across the world prefer to prioritize this advertising technique to achieve multiple business benefits. As per a report published on Webfx media, about 7 million advertisers are active here for targeted business promotion. 

The users must understand that the advertising process on Facebook works like an auction. The users need to bid against all the available advertisers on the platform. At every single moment, there can be the availability of hundreds of advertisers going through the eyes of the visitors.   

Facebook ads cost depends completely upon the bidding model. Under this auction model, the potential advertisers set their bids to win the execution of ad campaigns. The advertisers prefer setting up a daily ad costing budget to market their promotion.  

The bidding model for the Facebook ads cost in India can be categorized into different types. This categorization decides the core budget to run an advertising campaign. Ultimately, the user experience matters for Facebook management despite preferring the highest bidder in comparison to the others. 

Preferring the premium bidding strategies will help you sustain for a long time and make better sales. It will help you remain competitive and get a better return on investment (ROI). You can show your ads and select among the different ad placement strategies on a daily budget basis. 

Facebook advertising cost in India is comparatively affordable concerning other countries. The diverse available industries in India offer the execution of the ads at a minimum target of Rs.40 per day. According to several published reports, the average CPC for clicking the links in India comes around Re.0.10 to Rs.2.30.

Let us understand the preferred bidding models by Facebook management to analyze the costing

Cost Per Click (CPC) for Facebook advertising in India

Cost per click is the most preferred strategy by the advertisers. Under the same, the users need clicking on the running ads during their visit. As per Webfx media, the advertising cost comes around $0.97 per click with CPC bidding strategy. The industry categories work as a vital factor for deciding the CPC in different categories. As per Word Stream, the average Facebook advertising cost per click comes around $1.72 for diverse industries levels. Ad Espresso puts forward the cost per click for all the available countries to be $0.97. The costing varies in the range of $0.50 to $2.0 per click as per the available research process. Last, but not the least, the users need to pay every single time whenever someone clicks on their Facebook ads.

Cost Per Like (CPL) for Facebook ads

The cost per like is another bidding model put forward for the entrepreneurs by Facebook management. Here, the campaign works out whenever the user clicks the LIKE available with the ads. Putting forward the user engaging content makes them press this option. The advertisers get benefited from this preferred option. $1.07 is the available costing for the advertisers preferring to go with this bidding technique.

Cost Per Mile (CPM) advertising method

This is the cost per thousand impressions. The users need to pay an amount to Facebook after completing 1000 impressions for the executing ads. More the user’s engagement greater will be the total number of impressions. Facebook ads cost depends upon the traffic as well as the running advertisements. As per Webfx media, $7.19 is the charge with this specific Facebook advertising cost.

Cost Per Action (CPA)

Under this Facebook advertising method, the users need to pay as per the action. The users optimize for any particular action including App Installs, or something others. You need to pay the amount depending upon the user’s clicks on the button. It is another preferred advertising method for getting better returns. $5.57 is the costing under this particular Facebook advertising mechanism.

Relevant Score

The relevant scores for Facebook ads cost appear only after the completion of 500 impressions. It comes forward on a scale of 1 to 10 for a better return on investment. The global entrepreneurs enjoy the relevant score bidding mechanism after achieving the target. It even depends upon the audience’s response to the ads.


Frequency is the estimate of user’s views upon the running ads. The easiest strategy to calculate the frequency is dividing the total Facebook ad impressions by the unique users’ reach. There may be the possibility of ad fatigue in case there comes forward the figure in big numbers. This is an ideal strategy concerning the Facebook promotion cost for the advertisers who are willing to utilize the platform for the betterment of their businesses.

How does Facebook Ad Bidding work

The following series of steps need to be understood for analyzing the working of Facebook ad auction methods:

Logging inside the Ad Manager option to format an ad campaign. Better the Ads formatting, greater will be the user’s inclination generating awesome business revenue.

The flexibility of choosing per day advertising budget as per the convenience.

Advertisers move forward to opting among the different payable options. They can decide among views, likes, downloads, clicks like availabilities for paying Facebook.

Advertiser feels free to build their greatest audience base on different categories. They feel independent to construct the audience base based on device targeting, demographics, and interest.

Advertisers are free to add their customized images, videos, infographics, or others to attract the audience. The strategy even helps build brand image and promote business sales consistently.

Finally, the advertiser moves forward and launch their ad to start getting the conversions regularly.

Factors Influencing the Facebook Ads Cost

Either we talk about Facebook advertising in India, or even at the global level, there comes forward numerous factors affecting the Facebook ads cost. Let’s discuss the key variables in this regard.

Targeting the audience for Facebook ads

Facebook ads cost will be directly proportional to the difficulty to reach an audience. It can be based on several demographic and psychographic profiles.

Even the Facebook promotion cost relates to the above-mentioned requirements. In case you want to advertise the contents among the huge mass of audience with top content reach, the Facebook ads cost will be higher.

The procedure of narrowing down the targeted customer may cost you less, but limited ads placement options. Last, but the least, you should always focus to make the ads viral among the community. Accordingly, it will be better to limit the ads to the demographic where the interest for the ads dominates.

Facebook ads objective

Whenever you decide to explore the Facebook advertising cost in India, it is mandatory to focus on the objectives. These may come forward in the names of awareness, considerations, and the objectives for the brand. Objectives can have a severe impact on the promotions considering the advertising cost.

Frankly speaking, the simplest brand promotion will be cheaper than landing sales. Similarly, the clicks will be cheaper in comparison to the conversions. It will be better to finalize a plan in this regard to increase sales.

Competition for Facebook ads

There stands the simplest economics of supply and demand in this regard. In case, not any business approaches your specific target audience, the Facebook advertising cost will fall automatically.

This cost will be directly proportional to the total number of competitors you are getting for the same. In case there comes across a huge number of competitors, the costing will be higher. Moreover, the costs also depend upon the competitor’s spending ability and the relevance rates.

Advertising period:

Either we consider the Facebook page promotion cost in India, or abroad, the time of advertising directly impacts the costing. The holiday seasons in India raise the Facebook ads cost and similar will be the condition for abroad as well. During the festive seasons like Christmas etc, the costing increases a lot.

Moreover, we need to cleverly select the weekdays and even the hours to remain economical. Avoid going for peak times and enjoy the rate cut for advertising purposes.

Facebook Ads placement affecting the cost:

The Facebook advertising cost in India and even abroad depends upon the different ad placement techniques. The costing varies completely as per the placement techniques.

Every single ad placement technique has different lead generation capabilities. Similar to running the Google ads ad campaign, we need to move forward with Facebook ads also.

Facebook page promotion cost in India, and even outside has to do a lot with ad placement techniques. The ad placement can be done in several forms including the following: –

Feeds Instant Articles



Right Column

In-stream video. 

Facebook Messenger

Audience Network, etc.

Relevance Score

Relevance score is a kind of the Facebook metric showing the relevancy of the ads to the audience. It analyzes the user’s engagement with the ads and their interest concerning it.

In case the ads start getting the click and the audience gets engaged, the relevance scores increase. The Facebook ads cost is proportionate to this score. Consequently, if the users start choosing, ‘this ad is not relevant to me’, the score decrease automatically.   The highest relevance score gets assistance from the Facebook algorithm. Even the costing for the ads becomes less for similar placement mechanisms.

Proven Strategies to Reduce Facebook Ads Cost

Targeting an appropriate audience base for better engagement.

Using the Facebook audience overlap tool and remove the overlapping functions.

Using Facebook Pixels for tracking the audience conversion rates, etc.

Executing multiple ads within the same invested budget.

Individually analyzing the ads graph including user engagement.

Utilizing the aspects of retargeting segments. This sets the audience base into the low, medium, and highest engagement groups.

Separate targeting of the fans and building specific campaigns.

Taking the video content advantages for better engagement in the least Facebook ads cost.


To sum up, the article mentions the entire needful in terms of the Facebook ads cost. Following the advantageous impact, the entrepreneurs are inclining towards the Facebook advertising campaigns.

Comparing the Google ads, the advertising via Facebook makes the business personnel feel a better return on investment (ROI). The advertisers can setup their daily ad costing budget based on several categories.

The creative optimization procedures help in massive targeting the audience in the least ever pricing. The article will let you understand the needful regarding the bidding models and the ad bidding procedures as well.

Moreover, you get to know the essentials about reducing the Facebook advertising cost in India, or even abroad. Go ahead and tell the world, you too can be the global leader and win the race of business.