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Pay Per Click Services

PPC Management Services (Pay per click services) for your Business

Searching for professional PPC services (pay per click)? Look no further, because we offer the best pay per click services (pay per click) that bring in revenue for your company.

Our PPC services (pay per click) team is driven by creativity and technology to give you campaigns that perform exceedingly well. PPC advertising services is built to give immediate results but not unless it targets the right audience for your business at the right time. Our ROI-driven PPC management services make sure that you have a cost-effective, and well-planned way to be in charge of your rankings on Google.

Pay per click services or PPC advertising, as it is most commonly known, is one of the most effective and powerful ways to attract new customers to your website and transmit your business message to millions of Internet users. Digital advertising is experiencing rapid growth. It is now a staggering $ 105 billion a year industry and reports approximately twenty-five percent of all advertising dollars spent. Currently more money is spent on pay-per-click advertising than on print advertising and combined US magazines and newspapers. However, pay-per-click ads are different from traditional advertising.

Our PPC Management Services (Pay per click services)

  1. Google PPC keyword research
  2. Setting up Google Ad Words account
  3. Google search ads
  4. Google Display ads
  5. Google YouTube ads
  6. Google shopping ads
  7. Google app install ads
  8. Creating responsive text ads
  9. Creating extensions like call-out extension, site link extension, call extension, automatic extensions etc.
  10. Optimizing keyword match type – broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match and exact match
  11. Creating campaigns and ad groups
  12. Recommendations on landing page
  13. Improve quality score
  14. Setting the bidding options like maximize clicks or maximize conversions
  15. Setting conversion tracking
  16. Google re marketing ads
  17. Connecting Google analytics and Google Ad Words
  18. Original ad copy writing
  19. Creating ad with static images of different sizes

The benefits of PPC services for your business

pay per click campaign, when done right, can have a major impact on businesses and brands because it’s measurable and traceable. You can hike up your performance based on clicks, conversions, and impressions with the data that is available. But the key to leveraging the benefits of pay per click services is to have a strong grasp of Google ads and other PPC platforms. Many marketers are overwhelmed by the choices that PPC offers and are daunted by the spend it demands. As a marketer, you need to answer a few questions first. Do you need PPC services (pay per click services) at all? How much do you need to budget for PPC management services? Are the benefits worth the expenditure?

PPC companies in India like Digipuush helps you arrive at a decision. We help you understand the ins and outs of PPC campaigns and what it means for your business before you take the plunge. Firstly, it is important to know that PPC advertising does give you many benefits whether you are a small or big business.Some of them are:

Data driven results

PPC services like ours in India make complete use of the rich data that PPC campaigns (pay per click) provide. Data-driven decisions keep your returns consistent and on track. The PPC advertising professionals at our PPC company ensure that they follow a data-driven attribution strategy. As Google defines it in their support section – “Data-driven attribution gives credit for conversions based on how people search for your business and decide to become your customers. It uses data from your account to determine which ads, keywords, and campaigns have the greatest impact on your business goals.” A good pay per click management campaign has the power to make that impact with competent professionals to interpret the data.

Sharp and hyper-focused targeting

One of the first priorities of a professional PPC company in India like ours is targeting campaigns to reach a focused audience. There are many ways to tailor Google or Bing ads to get the response that aligns with your business goals. Setting the exact keywords through text ads, deciding on particular audience demographics, location, and re-marketing ads are just a few of the ways in which pay per click advertising can play a role in boosting your revenues. For example, it’s a known fact that local businesses benefit incredibly when their ads target customers in locations nearby. It’s a fact that is confirmed by a Think With Google report, which says that 75% of people will visit local stores if the information comes up in a Google search.

Higher conversions

PPC advertising has the potential to drive higher conversions with the use of the exact words that people are looking for. According to Word Stream, 65% of people click on pay per click ads when they carry the keywords that are guaranteed to grab attention. Conversion is the most important part of pay per click management services and professional PPC companies will work towards achieving the industry average. According to Word Stream, the average conversion rate was 2.35% across industries with the top 10% of landing pages achieving a phenomenal rate of 11.45% or higher. At our PPC company in India, we aim to get you into the top 10% at all times.

Increase sales with quality not quantity

Great PPC advertising always hinges on the question of quality vs quantity. Should you have a greater number of ads to make the best of pay per click services or focus on the quality of a few stellar PPC advertising campaigns for quality? A sales team might be focused on the number of leads but for a pay per click services professional, the campaign is more about getting the right mix of quality and quantity. One of the best ways to achieve quality is to create focused keyword lists and incorporating the keywords into every page of your website and ads. PPC companies in India like ours emphasize on both quality and quantity, and we have seen that this is a tested and proven method to get not just leads but also conversions and sales.

PPC gives immediate results

Looking for social media campaign results right away? For quick turnarounds, there is nothing better than PPC advertising. Companies like ours that give some of the best PPC services in India can design affordable pay per click campaigns within days where you can see immediate results. Pay per click advertising is the opposite of SEO where results are long-lasting and can be seen only within a few months after implementation. PPC also gives you control. If you want to achieve immediate returns within a budget that you specify then it’s best to approach PPC management service professionals.

Boost and diversify traffic

Pay per click advertising is the easiest and fastest way to drive up traffic to your website and also target a diverse audience. Using professional PPC services ensure that your campaigns are effective immediately. A PPC services (pay per click) company in India like ours makes sure that you target a diverse audience with a high intent of shopping online, which gives immediate results. Using PPC management services allows you to target people who visit your website, familiarize themselves with your brand but leave without buying. Re marketing to this audience holds huge potential when done strategically. With a well-planned pay per click advertising campaign you can achieve a conversion rate of up to 10%.

Ideal for small businesses and startups

Small businesses typically keep aside 1% of their revenues for advertising, according to data from Sageworks, a financial information company. If you are a startup or are looking to expand, then a smartly-targeted pay per click campaign is the way to go. Our PPC (pay per click) management services team gives you PPC advertising strategies that are designed to attract new customers while retaining the existing ones. To generate quick leads and immediate brand awareness in the short-term an aggressive pay per click campaign is what you need.

Predictable and profitable

Can advertising results be predictable? When it comes to pay per click advertising, it can be. PPC services structure pay per click campaigns based on exactly how much you spend, which helps you outperform competition due to its predictability. PPC management services helps you to align yourself to business goals very closely due to its predictable and, hence, profitable nature. Pay per click advertising is also not based on search engine algorithms, unlike organic search engine traffic, which also delivers results but without the precision of PPC.

Why partner with Digipuush, an expert PPC Services Company in India?

Your ads are discreet and attractive only when someone is looking for something similar to the product or service offered by your company. Also, your ad is displayed for free until the user is interested enough to click on it, hence the term pay-per-click. You will be charged minimum fees in exchange for acquiring a new customer. This type of targeted advertising has proven to be extremely effective. Anyone with a credit card can place a PPC ad, but it takes a special level of experience to run a truly effective campaign. This is where media vendors like Digipuush come in. Our team of experts and digital media analysts use accurate targeting methods and advanced ROI calculations to ensure you spend your advertising budget as efficiently as possible. We examine your ideal clients and create a PPC strategy and campaign based on their characteristics. In addition to gender and age, we can target people based on where they live and what they buy, their interests and the websites they visit. What items you buy, the size of your family or even your profession, as well as hundreds of other specifications. We have a talented team of writers and years of experience developing a PPC campaign that reaches the right people at the right time with the right message.

No doubt, there are good PPC services in Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. But partnering with Digipuush gives you a competitive edge thanks to our dedicated and skilled PPC services team.How to set up Google Ads Campaign

  1. Create your Google ads account
  2. Add your payment details along with payment settings
  3. Select an objective for your campaigns
  4. Add location and demographic details
  5. Add daily budget and select bid type
  6. Create an ad and meet your goals