Online Reputation Management Services (ORM Services)

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What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management means to take control on the conversations from individual or other entity on internet. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a strategy and process of monitoring, identifying, and influencing your digital reputation and credibility online. This online reputation management is the strategy of building the public approach of an organization on the Internet. It helps increase traffic of public on business and its products and services.

Online reputation management services will protect your business from negative reviews. This will improve your online reputation, help to generate more sales, drive more customers. As all your customers are moving to online shopping in place of getting into the store physically, the need for positive customer response in increasing.

Why online reputation management?

When online management strategy is applied properly on your business, it increases the opportunities to your business. It’s very important to manage our online reputations as search engines have become a major part of in our daily life.  As you all know SEO is about promoting a specific website or page to appear in the top of the search results. Online reputation management is all about controlling all the websites that appear in your search engine result page. That means the strategies of success are different.

The value of online reputation management in growing their business is increasing, this is why all digital marketers are choosing ORM in building their brand. Online reputation management increases the sales of your services and products. Building the trust factor in your clients is one of the major components for success of your business. Your audience nowadays chooses social media and other digital platforms to share their opinions and views. They also look for solutions or some general information. In olden days some surveys were conducted online or offline to know how one perceives a particular topic.

Benefits of Online reputation management

Consumers depend on online reviews while making a purchase

Most of the buyers research products online before making any purchase. 97% of customers look for product reviews before making a purchase and then buy the product. Few customers won’t purchase products in a store without first consulting reviews. Reviews are very much essential for consumers because they are spending most time in searching and shopping online or in-store. This is driving traffic on search engine on more than 5,000 websites, creates actionable insights to improve products and services and grow online.

Improves Brand reputation

Monitoring all the reviews that come reacting promptly to those reviews will help you avoid crises and prevent from spreading negative news about your brand. Consumers share their experiences even on social media, blogs and news. Having a positive brand reputation will increase customer loyalty, trust, build confidence and helps your brand to become best in society.

Improves site ranking

Google Reviews is very important to increase search rankings and overall SEO. To improve search rankings, lot of factors are involved but online reviews given by the customers can be one strong factor to search engine that communicates mostly with the trust. In the internet world, competition of small business has increasing rapidly. If you managing online reviews in a better way, that will differentiate your business and improve your visibility in the search engine result page.

Valuable customers

Customers trust the business only by seeing the online reviews. As you all know it is much easier for customers to make a purchase online very fast. So customers rely on reviews which are given by other people who have made the purchase earlier. The people who will read the positive reviews will visit the website. This online review is the biggest social proof to get valuable customers.

Example of bad online reputation

Bad online reputation can hit on the trust of the buyers. As classic example, one of the builder “GR Promoters”, when I search for “reviews on GR Promoters”, I found many sites with negative reviews. When people search for this and read about the builder the fist impression and trust is gone. Even a person who wants to buy a property would think twice and look for alternate.

Online reputation management techniques to consider

Creating a presence on internet

Your business should have all social media accounts like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google+. It is mandatory for you to be active on other additional social media platforms in this competitive world. For many businesses, having employees integrated with LinkedIn may be beneficial. For your visual products, using Pinterest and Instagram might be very useful platforms. When the videos are shared in YouTube, this might be useful to many businesses.

Social Media Accounts

It’s very much necessary to create your social media accounts. Having social media accounts like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, +Google is not just enough, building your audience on them is very important. You can interact with customers and to increase your engagement scores and influence your audience with these social media. If you keep posting positive things here on your social media accounts, this will become one strong platform for positive reviews.

Brands and Products

Building online posters social profiles for your company name will increase the brand visibility of your company. If the name of your company and your brand name is similar, this will increase the ranking of the content in your website. You may need to develop websites and social media profiles to claim your brand name.

Individuals related with the Business

Social media presence will be very much beneficial to the founders or other executives of your business. There are few agencies where the employers who are working under your business are captured with their executives, and a proper online reputation management method is important for all these. Customers always search by name for lawyers, scientists, doctors, etc., so create assurance to rank for these.


Yes, Blogging is one of the important things because it helps it helps a website to rank high on search engine result page with good keywords. If this is done properly it provides useful content for all social media accounts. For your company reputation purposes, this will not only can rank for your name in result page, it gives you a solid edge where you can directly respond to any major queries made about your company if necessary.


While responding to the negative reviews, be careful as those will impact on your business reputation. Remember the motto that the customer who has put the review is right. Always be more flexible in your approach, come up with a positive way to respond to your customers for they want without creating misunderstanding.

Online reputation management tips


Never try to mess up with the customers because when this happens something will go wrong. Make a genuine apology to those customers who have been affected by your products or services. Being transparent is what is important here, by apologizing you will stop from further argument. This will move the process along toward positive agreement or, at least will close the situation. If you are doing this, make sure the apology is credible.

Don’t Get Into Online Arguments

It’s very easy to get into online arguments; even sometimes if you’re technically right you might lose. Never get emotionally disturbed while responding to your customers. The best approach to get rid of that is to close the situations online and take it forward offline. Always be good to your audience in your online discussions. Your positive replies that you make here may win more customers.

How negative reviews hurt brands

  1. It can give a negative first impression
  2. It can build doubts in the minds of the people
  3. It can reduce your enquiries/leads
  4. It can reduce your sales
  5. It can reduce your conversions
  6. It can hit your profits

Online reputation management services company in India

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